Sean Murray Weight Loss

One of the biggest questions of late surrounding the NCIS actor is what’s up with Sean Murray weight loss? Sean plays Special Agent Timothy McGee on the hit TV series. The questions first arose during the 2011 program year. It was noticeable that Agent McGee had dropped some pounds. Which lead fans to wonder if there were some health issues going on.

Sean Murray Weight Loss

Turns out that Sean had lost the weight by just laying off sugar and alcohol, and that was the cause of the 25 pound drop in body weight. Sean also mixed in some healthy organic foods into his diet.Sean Murray Weight Loss

Eating Right The Cause Of Sean Murray Weight Loss

Isn’t it funny that in a day and age when it seems like everyone is trying to loose some weight with every kind of diet and the next new fad, that all it takes is a healthy eating lifestyle. Alcohol actually prevents your body from metabolize fat. So remove that from your diet or at least cut back and you have removed one of the blocks to your fat loss.Alcohol Slows Fat Loss

Start Your Own Sean Murray Weight Loss Plan

The nice thing is that you can start losing weight the same way Sean Murray did just by reducing or eliminating your alcohol intake and reducing your the amount of sugar you have in your diet.

So now what? Just keep track of what you are putting in your mouth at all times. Cut back on the sweets and slow down on the drinks after work every night and you will be at least one step closer to taking your own Sean Murray Weight Loss journey. It also helps to get off your butt and do physical activities. So, get started today!

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